Contest is Over!

We are thrilled to announce that Jane Peranteau, author of The Little Book Of Jumping has been chosen to receive a book contract from Hampton Roads Publishing Company!

Given the volume of excellent submissions that we received, selecting one was no easy task - but we are pleased to welcome Jane to our Hampton Roads Publishing family!

Win a book contract From Hampton Roads Publishing Company If you are the Next Best Fiction Author!

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Here's your chance to win a book deal. from Hampton Roads Publishing Company and join our family of authors, including:

The Conversations With God Series Neal Donald Walsch
Hypnotizing Maria
Richard Bach
Milton's Secret
Eckhart Tolle

Peace in the Present Moment Byron Katie
Dalai Lama's Little Book of Wisdom Dalai Lama
The Proposing Tree
James Twyman

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Author Training Course

There are Two Ways to REGISTER NOW! The contest is open to unpublished and self-published works of fiction!


An Author Training Course You Don’t Want To Miss!

The contest will be divided into 3 rounds!

  • Round One
  • Round Two
  • Round Three

In Round 1, every author will submit the following items to the right. Once all of this information is uploaded an on your Author Page, it will be made available to the public and the Hampton Roads Publishing editorial review committee.


Book Title & Description

Your book description is similar to what you would find on the “about the book” section on Amazon



Your Author Biography

Submit a quick and concise author biography, optional personal photo.



First Two Chapters of Your Book

Upload the first two chapters of your book.




At the end of Round 1, the top 20% of all submissions (as decided by the Hampton Roads Publishing editorial committee) will advance to Round 2. Those authors that advance to Round 2 will submit the items to the right.


Chapters Three and Four of your Book

In Round 2 the authors will be asked to submit two more chapters of your book for continued voting.



Let the voting continue!

A second month of voting to give readers from ALL OVER THE GLOBE to chance to voice their opinions!



The Top 10 will be chosen!

The Top 10 of all submissions will advance to Round 3 and be one more step closer to winning their new book deal.


Round 3

Round 3 will last approximately 2 weeks, allowing readers one final opportunity weigh in on what book they cant wait to finish and who should earn the title of the Next Best Fiction Author!


The Winner is Chosen!

At the end of Round 3, the recipient of the book publishing contract will be chosen by the Hampton Roads Publishing Editorial committee and announced to the world!



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Important Dates to Remember




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